Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Hendally, MBA

Lord Please Help Me

Elizabeth serves as President and Senior Consultant of The Dream Factory.  She is a degreed professional with an established track record of helping business make millions and even billions of dollars.  Elizabeth began consulting over 27 years ago when a man named  Eric Thomas brought his dream of holding a city-wide conference for at-risk youth. This collaboration turned into a hugely successful three-day event and launched a career  of helping doctors, land investors, authors and other media personality – bring their business dreams into reality.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has worked as the Vice President of a multi-million dollar transportation company which she co-founded.  She has also worked in mid-level management at NextLink Corporation, helping to secure a $1 billion investment deal with FedEx. 

In addition to these corporate positions, Elizabeth has continuously worked as a Consultant to other organizations.  As a result of her Business Development expertise, she was able to help Cirrus Technology position itself to be valued at $3 billion.

Elizabeth is currently working in the Business Development Program of the Mack Tucker Group.  She has a strong desire to help individuals attain the life of their dreams through business success.  Through partnership with The Mack Tucker Group, she has become certified to accomplish this lifelong mission.

Elizabeth graduated Magna Cum Laude with  BA in Business Management.  She has also studied Spanish language and culture in Valencia Spain.   Elizabeth has earned her MBA and holds certifications in Spanish,  Microsoft SharePoint, Website Development, Video Production and 3D Motion and Graphic Design.